Prodways Group and IRT Jules Vernes join forces to revolutionize the production of large dimension titanium part for aeronautics.

For the Paris air show which will take place from the 17 to the 23 of Jun 2019 at the Le Bourget Airport, Prodways Group (hall 2B, stand F121) and the Technological Research Institute of Jules Verne (hall 4, stand F47) have announce the launch of the FAHRA project to answer to the increase of the rates of production in the aeronautics sector.

In the framework of the FAHRA (High Deposition Rate for Aeronautics) project, the Jules Verne Institute for Technological Research wishes to respond to the challenge of increasing industrial rates of production in the aeronautics sector, while reducing the time and cost of supplying parts compared to traditional titanium parts manufacturing processes.

As such, it will acquire a Rapid Additive Forging machine from Prodways in order to optimize the robotic wire deposition process, based on the technology for the additive manufacturing of large-scale alloy component blanks from titanium.

The machine will be installed in the first trimester of 2020.

By making these sketches, close to the final part geometry, Prodways RAF technology improves the “Buy-to-Fly” ratio by reducing the amount of titanium needed to make the part and the machining time.

« This FAHRA project combines perfectly the objectives of IRT Jules Verne on the theme of additive manufacturing, manufacturing of parts of large dimensions, greater than one meter and high deposition rate. Within this framework, new technical challenges have been identified: first metallurgical but also thermo-mechanical, on the topic of dimensional control of sketches, for example. » explains Serge PRIGENT, Head of the Research team for metallic processes and additive manufacturing, IRT Jules Verne.

« We are delighted to partner with IRT Jules Verne with the FAHRA project and to support the players in the aeronautics industry since the conception, the redesign and production of first prototypes until the industrialization phase of their large titanium alloy parts. » adds Marc-Antoine CLABON, Managing Director of Prodways RAF.

The FARAH project in a few words:
Partners: Airbus Operations, Nexteam Services, Prodways RAF, Safran, IRT Jules Verne
Budget: 4,5 M€
Duration: 4 years
Objective: Optimize a TIG process (Tungsten Inert Gas) robotic wire deposition for the additive manufacturing (WAAM) of large-dimensional titanium alloy component blanks, based on Rapid Additive Forging (RAF) technology developed by PRODWAYS 2


crédit image: IRT Jules Vernes

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