New application of the Rapid additive Forging technology from Prodways Group in the field of defence

The Prodways Rapid Additive Forging (RAF) technology dedicated to the 3D printing of large titanium parts for aeronautical applications sparks the interest to other industrial sectors. Thus, as part of a development, MBDA, one of the world’s leading defense companies, chose the Prodways RAF technology to produce massive titanium parts.

The Rapid Additive Forging technology from Prodways offers an alternative to traditional subtractive processes and reduces the usual lead times of around a semester, both for the supply of raw titanium and for its machining. RAF technology comes to disrupt this mode of production, by printing in record time a draft close to the final dimensions, simpler and faster to machine. For MBDA the benefits are multiple: costs and time reduced by 25% compared to conventional processes and a part meets all the technical requirements.

These early successes pave the way for mass production of parts based on Rapid Additive Forging technology.

Crédit image: MBDA

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